Foot Care in O'Fallon

 For more than 13 years, Deer Creek Foot Care and Warren Trampe, DPM have provided comprehensive foot care and podiatry services for patients in O’Fallon and the surrounding areas. We specialize in high-quality medical care for the foot and ankle. Our medical center is family owned and operated. 

If you have foot pain or a foot disorder, such as Plantar Fasciitis, Hammer Toes, Bunions, or an Ankle Sprain, that is negatively affecting the quality of your life, get in touch with Deer Creek Foot Care and Warren Trampe, DPM in O'Fallon. When your feet or ankles start taking up all of your attention because of pain or discomfort, you need the expertise of a foot care specialist to make things right again.  Call (636) 240-1127 now for diabetic foot care, foot and ankle surgeries, custom orthotics, and more!   

Dr. Trampe can successfully treat your foot problems, including:
Custom Orthodics
Deep Root Callus
Diabetic Foot Care
Heel Pain
Ingrown Nail
Outpatient Surgery
Sports Injuries
Spurs and Neuromas
Foot and Ankle Surgeries
Bunions, Warts and Hammer Toes
For happy feet, call (636) 240-1127 and make your appointment!
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