Signs You Should See a Podiatrist

A podiatrist is a physician specifically educated and trained to diagnose conditions related to the foot and ankle discomfort. Some of the most common foot ailments include heel pain, ingrown nails, bunions, fractures, sport injuries and warts.

If you experience constant pain and swelling near the nail bed, foot pain in the morning, pain, swelling, lack of mobility, bruising, warts, or a painful bony prominence near the big toe, get in touch with us today.


Q.When I wake up in the morning and get out of bed, I have difficulties walking across the room because the pain in my feet is so bad. What causes this and how can it be treated?

A. you have what is called “Heel Pain or Plantar Fasciitis:” A condition that is frequently called the bone spur, heel spur or a “stone bruise.” 

In order to relieve these symptoms, it is necessary to be evaluated by your podiatrist to diagnose what exactly is causing the pain (i.e. that is not a fracture). 

Upon evaluation, heel pain can be treated by icing, stretching and injections. Another effective treatment for heel pain is custom made orthotics (shoe inserts), which are made to specifically address your personal discomfort or pain.

Q. My toe nail is red and puffy. There is a constant pain near the edge of my nail. What is causing this and what type of treatment can I expect?

A. You have a common aliment known as an “Ingrown Nail or Paronychia:” A simple permanent procedure can be performed to prevent nail regrowth or continued infections.

Q. Near my big toe and on the side of my foot, I have an unattractive bump. What can I do about it?

A. You have what is called a Bunion or Hallux Abducto Valgus. It is typically a hereditary condition that is not caused by shoes. 

Cosmetic concerns are not the reason to have a bunion removed; however, if the condition causes interference and pain during your daily activities, a surgical correction may be something beneficial.

Q. My foot is swollen, bruised and doesn't move well. Do you know what could be causing these symptoms?

A. It could be a sprain or perhaps even a broken bone (fracture). An X-Ray is done to determine the problem accurately. Treatments for a fracture range from a rigid walking shoe or removable boot to a hard cast with crutches. In extreme cases, a surgical repair may be necessary.


“Dr. Trampe has a very professional approach in his podiatry practice and will always take the time to understand symptoms and causes for foot problems before he recommends the treatment. He will give you all the time that is necessary to answer your questions, he is gentle and he goes over and above to follow-up after a procedure. I will always recommend Dr. Trampe to my friends and relatives that need professional advice or treatment for the care of their feet.” 

Lois C. Chesterfield, MO

“The service I received from Dr. Trampe was outstanding! I had visited two Urgent Care facilities after an injury to my foot; both of these places, after viewing x-rays, told me to just elevate and ice. After two weeks and foot swollen and in pain I made an appointment to see Dr. Trampe. With his knowledge of the 'foot' he correctly diagnosed that I had indeed had ligament damage and put me in a walking boot - that made all the difference in the world. I was able to walk without pain; just knowing that there was a reason for my pain helped my disposition immensely. Dr. Trampe did a great job of explaining what trauma my foot suffered and the path to follow to ensure it would heal.
 I highly recommend a visit to Dr. Trampe for any foot trauma or pain you are experiencing.  
Emma E” St. Louis, MO

My mother was living with me for several months; she had a hard time getting around and was homebound with foot care needs. Dr Trampe MADE A HOUSE CALL!! He was very gentle and compassionate and took the time needed to not only answer all of her questions, but also spent time attending to her foot care. He made sure to give us detailed instructions on how to care for her feet going forward and told us if he needed to make another house call, he would. Thank you Dr Trampe for taking excellent care of my mother.  

Teresa D. Fenton MO
As a mother of 3 boys, I know how hard boys can be on their bodies. Dr. Trampe has taken excellent care of my 14 year old son’s ankle. One day while jogging home, my son rolled his ankle on an uneven surface and could not put pressure on it. Dr. Trampe was able to analyze the situation, place my son in a walking boot (and crutches) and within 6 weeks my son was back playing hockey! Dr Trampe is now our first and only call if there is an injury to a foot or an ankle

Teresa D. Fenton MO

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